PML – A Python template engine

I finally decided to release PML as an open source software. I developed this template engine for a project that unfortunately never happened using Python.

Here is a sample application using PML and Yahoo! Search API:

You can download it here:

The web search example is also included in the download.

PML was written to be fast, simple and compact. Here are some of it’s features:
1 – Template filters
2 – Output filters
3 – Template variable filters
4 – Template cache – default
5 – Bytecode cache – default
6 – Complete output buffer cache
7 – Garbage collection
8 – Output compression – GZIP
9 – A powerful, quick compiler
10 – Ability to add helpers easily
11 – Ability to add custom compiler tags
12 – Auto escaping your variables, even lists, dicts, and tuples
13 – Compile templates once until you edit them

And more.

The web search application above is included in your download and it demonstrates almost all the aspects of this powerful template engine.

PML – A Python template engine
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    can u tell me how can i run and upload this project, thank you


  2. Codehead:

    I suggest reading a tutorial on how to run Python on your web server and when you get that working, you can just upload the example in the ZIP file and it will work…



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